Welcome To Hoi An Restaurant

The “Hoi An Quán” restaurant, set up from the old Chinese wooden house that was built
in the 17th century, located on the bank of “Hoai” river of hoi an city, 2 minute walk
from the Japanese bridge.

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Private cooking tour – Hoi an café Hoian

The ancient town of Hoian has its own cuisine flavour characteristics. That is the reason why we would like to bring to our guests those flavours not only through dishes they have. The cooking tour & demonstration service is the way we do that. Activities for a cooking tour

– Enjoy welcome tea or coffee at Hoi an café
– 10 minutes walk from Hoi an Café to central market
– Show materials under the chefs guidance.
– Back to the restaurant by Boat
– Reference to the recipe & ingredient document.
– Chef starts cooking procedure with three dishes.
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